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Citizens for Better Planning in Morris Township, Inc. (CBPMT) is a non-partisan, neighborhood-based non-membership group of concerned residents working together to provide input to the Township Committee and the Planning Board and County Freeholders regarding development in Morris Township, New Jersey.  The trustees of CBPMT are:

 Michele Demarest, President

 Linda Wilson, Treasurer

 David Budd Secretary  

CBPMT was formed in response to Honeywell International’s proposal to rezone its campus, now zoned office/laboratory space, to a mixed-use zoning. This proposal could result in unsustainable increased building density, traffic volumes and potentially negative fiscal and environmental impacts. At least five municipalities (Morristown, Morris Township, Florham Park, Madison, Hanover Township) are served by the county roads which bring traffic to and from the Honeywell complex. The 147-acre site at Columbia Turnpike and Park Avenue (both county roads) in Morris Township is located within the NJ Highlands Region. Morris Township planning Board and Township Committee is considering zone changes upon the request of large land owners and developers which would alter the Township’s Master Plan. Selective zoning change can decrease the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

We hope you will join us in this important effort to maintain the quality of our neighborhoods.

We invite you to sign up to receive updates regarding our most recent activities.

For more information, email your Neighborhood Contact:

These citiens have volunteered their email contacts.  Your information will not be published unless you would like to volunteer as a neighborhood contact.

Robert for Normandy Parkway Historic District normandyparkwayhistoricdistrict@c4bpmt.org

Molly for Springbrook Area  springbrook@c4bpmt.org

Andy for Cromwell Hills   cromwellhills@c4bpmt.org

Katina for Cromwell Hills cromwellhills@c4bpmt.org

Betty for Lohman Road  lohmanroad@c4bpmt.org

Linda for Crescent Drive  crescentdrive@c4bpmt.org

Eilleen for Normandy Park  normandypark@c4bpmt.org

Gaye for Featherleigh   featherleigh@c4bpmt.org

Sue for Washington Valley  washingtonvalley@c4bpmt.org

Judy for Western Avenue  westernavenue@c4bpmt.org

Melissa for Skyline Drive  skylinedrive@c4bpmt.org

Harriet for Picatinny Road  picatinnyroad@c4bpmt.org

Louise for Liberty Greens  libertygreens@c4bpmt.org

Lynn for burnhampark@c4bpmt.org


Check out some photos from the group at township meetings:

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